CSR Developments


Salvaging Submerged Tropical Timber

Re-claiming a new, green wood resource

CSR Developments, a subsidiary of Triton Logging Inc., owns and manages the world’s largest underwater logging licence at Volta Lake, Ghana. Formed in 1965 with the construction of the Akosombo dam, Volta Lake is the largest man-made lake in the world, with a surface of 8,515 square kilometers (3,861 square miles).

The Volta Lake Timber Concession covers 350,000 hectares for 25 years and has been ratified by the Parliament of Ghana. Signatories include the Ministry of Transport; Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources; and the Volta River Authority. CSR Developments has established commercial operations using SHARC Harvesters, a lakeside mill and drying facilities, offices, and employee accommodations.

As part of an overall lake safety and transportation strategy for the Volta Region, CSR Developments has been contracted to survey, map and clear certain important shipping channels of dangerous trees. Over the coming years, the company will play an important role in developing safe transportation corridors for local people, national services and the growing global trade that utilizes Volta Lake.



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